Exploring Amsterdam

Exploring Amsterdam

Growing up in what researchers say is the ”poorest” part of my country, I’ve never really been a girl who went to big cities like Amsterdam a lot. I grew up being so fascinated by the huge buildings and kids who grew up in the cities themselves looked at me like I lost my mind.

A year ago I would still be as fascinated as I was as a kid. But in only one year I’ve been there so many times. Amsterdam stole my heart and will hopefully be my future home.

Yesterday was one of the most hectic days of my life and here’s why:

Since I’ve been like 13 years old I’ve been really getting into the ”fangirl part of twitter” and obsessing over certain celebrities. One of those celebrities is Ansel Elgort. When me and my friend heard he was coming we immediately made plans to go and so we went yesterday. We arrived around 10 am and walked straight to the hotel (we thought) he was staying at. When we came home we discovered we’ve been waiting in front of that hotel for 3 hours while he wasn’t even staying there. When we decided to just walk through the city we’ve met a few others who spent the rest of the day with us. We’ve been walking around all day but no sign of Ansel.

Since I live so far away I had to leave pretty early cause I had a long train journey ahead of me. After saying goodbye to the amazing people I’ve met that day I left.

Even though I haven’t met Ansel, I did meet Afrojack, Armin van Buren and Robert Pattinson (yes the vampire)!

I’m the happiest and luckiest to know so many amazing people who share the same passion with me and who want to spend a whole day with me trying to meet a certain person. It was such a good day and even though I haven’t met him, at least I tried. Gotta stay positive, right?

Stay beautiful, Anouk


The hotel from The fault in our stars.


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