Favorite things about fall

Favorite things about fall

No matter how much I love summer, fall and winter will always be my favorite seasons and here’s why:

1. Darker colours

I’m a black soul. Everything dark attracts me. During fall you’ll mostly see me wearing black and I’m not apologizing for that. Also I love me some dark lips and I find myself buying 10 lipsticks that are exactly the same, but I just keep telling myself they’re not.


This lipstick is Catrice: 340 Berry Bradshaw 

2. Layering

I hate hate hate having to pick out my outfit during summer. I don’t know why, but I just don’t like skirts, shorts, dresses etc on me without tights or a jacket. Because of that I always go a little too crazy during this season and tend to wear about four sweaters and a jacket at once.. Oh well.

3. Sleeping without dying

I guess we all can relate to this; sleeping during summer is im-pos-si-ble because of the heat. So nothing makes me happier than sleeping in during the weekend without dying (I’m not exaggerating). I usually sleep in a little too long, but that’s okay. Gotta catch the sleep I missed during summer.

4. scented candles

This is probably the most white girl of them all, but I luvvvv scented candles. Some of my favorite smells are: cinnamon apple, cherry, vanilla and coconut.


5. reading

I know you can do this all year round, but I always find myself reading a lot during fall. I love getting lost in a book for hours (sometimes I fall asleep, but let’s just pretend that never happens). Right now I’m reading The Great Gatsby for school and I love it. I also love thrillers and everything scary.


Stay beautiful, Anouk


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