Oh lovely sunday

Oh lovely sunday





So anyone who knows me knows that I’m probably the laziest person on planet earth. Because of that it’s not really a big surprise that sunday is my favorite day of the week.

I’m a huge sucker for sleeping in so I tend to sleep in a little bit too long on sundays. When I eventually wake up, I just check my phone. I usually fall back to sleep and check my phone again and this happens about ten times before I actually decide to get out of my bed to let my parents know that I’m still alive and haven’t gotten in a coma.

I looooove breakfast so I always make a big, yummy breakfast on sunday since I don’t have to rush for school or work. My breakfast usually contains some fruit and wholewheat bread with chicken or peanut butter. After breakfast I like to take a bath. So I just run a bath and grab a book. I always try to leave my phone in my room so I can actually read the book, but I always fail.

After taking my bath I put on some pj’s and because I still want to be a little bit productive I clean up my room while listening to my favorite music (didn’t do that today lol don’t kill me mom) and of course I make my homework.

One thing I also love doing is writing (why else would I start a blog lol get it together Anouk). I always try to really take the time to write so I usually write until dinner’s ready. After dinner I just watch tv or youtube videos or I write even more.

Stay beautiful, Anouk


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