Banana pancakes

Banana pancakes

So after waking up at 1 pm (oops) I decided to make something I haven’t made for months and that’s: banana pancakes. It’s all natural and healthy ingredients and that’s what makes me love it even more.

All the ingredients you need are:


1 banana
2 eggs

When you have all these ingredients, you’re gonna start off with mashing up your banana with a fork and putting that in a bowl. Then add your two eggs and a little bit of cinnamon and mix it all up.

Take a pan and some butter, oil or whatever you prefer and poor a little bit of your mixture in the pan. I majorly suck at making my pancakes in a perfect shape, but if you can, teach me your ways.

This mixture can provide enough pancakes for one or two people.

When you’re done, just finish it up however you like and when you can’t make perfect shapes like me it should look something like this:


These banana pancakes are so yummy and you won’t regret eating them, cause they’re healthy and that’s a huge plus.

Make sure to send me your creations on all my social media.

Stay beautiful, Anouk


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