Dear future self…

Dear future self…

1. You’ve always wanted to live in New York so I hope you live in a cute apartment in New York right now.


2. You’ll probably own a pug by now (or maybe 20), cause you’ve always wanted one.

3. You’re hopefully working for a magazine company or writing your own book or maybe you’ve already published a book. I just hope you’re doing what you’ve always dreamed of doing.

4. You’ll be dating Dylan O’Brien right now. Or probably not.

5. I hope you finally made the decision to eat healthy and work out after 7383737 years.

6. I hope you’ve seen tons of countries and new places by now and that you’ll continue to explore and travel to all the beautiful places on this planet we call earth.

7. I hope you’re filled with love and light and that you share that with the people around you.

8. You’ll probably own about 6000 lipsticks by now (not even exaggerating).

9. I hope you’re still the crazy fangirl you are and that you still go to concerts, saving up every little penny to see the person you adore.

10. Most of all, I just hope you’re happy and that you’re grateful every single day. Maybe all of the things above won’t happen, but I just want you to smile. No matter if you’re still stuck in the crappy town you live in now. I just hope you’re surrounded by the right people. I hope you love yourself.

I loved making this post. It was inspired by my love Orion Carloto. If you want to see her video about this, you can click on this link:

Love you guys a lot. Stay beautiful, Anouk


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