Be you

Be you

Like a flower, the stars in the milky way or the marks on your skin, you are unique. Being in the stage where humanity is now, I know it’s hard to remind yourself that there’s an off button on your phone. But just try to do that for once… it’ll help.

Comparing is so useless, yet we all do it. I do too and I think we all sometimes need a little reminder that being one of a kind is the most beautiful thing about ourselves. We stop looking further than the mirror that’s in front of us and let things like a bad hair day influence our entire day thinking that ‘that other person’s hair looks way better today’ and we keep reminding ourselves that small thing and we simply stop trying. But being one of a kind is so much more. It’s about what makes you you. Maybe you’re a good listener, an athlete, maybe you like to draw? It doesn’t matter if you’re bad at it, as long as you love to do it, because that’s what makes you so special. There are 7 billion people in the world who all share the same passions, but no one will  ever draw, sing, write, dance or do whatever they love to do, like you. Don’t think you don’t have a special feature that makes you you and if you do, you need to look harder.

Write down whatever makes you special, whatever makes you one of a kind. Stop looking for perfection, because the word perfect isn’t what people claim it to be nowadays. Perfection is laughter, passion, sincerity, love, kindness, embracing you.

‘Hi, my name is Anouk. I have blue eyes and when I get tired my left eye gets a little lazy, but that’s okay cause I’m lazy too. I have way too much hair and enough moles to cover two bodies. I am very unorganized, just like this blogpost. I love to write. I love to travel. I love to make people happy and to listen to the stories people tell me. I hate criticism and my mom always tells me I need to stop with that, sorry mom.’

Just take time to unplug yourself from the digital world for a while, phones need a breather in a while and so do you. We already get enough thrown at us and sometimes it’s just nice to make time for the things we love and to just sit and appreciate ourselves and this life. It’s okay to accept yourself. It’s okay to be one of a kind. It’s okay to be you.

What makes you you? Leave a comment.

Happy new year, love you endlessly.

Stay beautiful, Anouk.


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