My bucket list.

My bucket list.


I have to say; coming up with new ideas for an article is harder than I expected. Shoutout to all the bloggers who’ve been pulling this of for years now. So the other day when I was finishing some of the pages of ‘The Pointless Book’, I stumbled upon the page ‘Bucket List’. It’s just a page where you can fill in 10 things you want to do before you die. However, while I was filling in the page, I realized that my entire bucket list didn’t fit on the page. So why not write a blogpost about it? Enjoy!

1. Move to New York.
2. Travel the world.
3. Get at least 10 pugs.
4. Start a YouTube channel (as soon as I got my camera).
5. Swim with dolphins.
6. Meet the ones who inspire me.
7. Publish my own book(s).
8. Work at Vogue.
9. Inspire.
10. Graduate.
11. Take a Polaroid of everything pretty.
12. Get an apartment with huge windows.
13. By the time I’m 60 years old I’d like to have collected enough books to create my own little library.
14. Go to the beach at 4 am.
15. Help people in need.
16. Create my own campaign for women’s rights.
17. Dance. A lot.
18. Be immensely happy.
19. Get an alpaca (I swear this is an actual, serious goal of mine).
20. Be a good mother to my children.
21. Meet my internet friends.
22. Get a tattoo.

So you can say most of these things are more like goals, but it’s what I want to achieve in life and that’s enough of a bucket list for me. In life, it’s all about goals, not expectations. As human beings, we expect too much. Not only from ourselves, but also from other people. Keep it simple. Dig until you reach your heart and look at what you really want. Don’t create the impossible in your head, it’s unnecessary and it’ll only cause broken hearts. Be happy, live and if somebody can’t respect you for your dreams and goals, well then ‘BAAAH FELICIA’. Do you.

Stay beautiful, Anouk.

Disclaimer: I do not own the picture used in this post.


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