The ‘Calm’ app.

The ‘Calm’ app.

Lately I’ve been kind of turning into a spiritual nerd. Everything about meditation, astrology and nature sounds inspires and heals me. So when Bo, my best friend, who’s basically the one year older version of me, told me about this app called ‘Calm’, I knew it would be good.

When you go to the App Store and type ‘Calm’ you’ll probably find this:


When you open the page you can choose from three different scenes:




Once you’ve picked one of the scenes -I chose the rain since I find it the most calming sound that basically exists- you’ll get to this screen and you can press play:



And that’s when it all starts. You’ll hear a very, soothing woman’s voice talking, with the scene of your choice in the background. She allows you to get calm by giving you a few tips on what to do while you slowly close your eyes. Her sweet, encouraging words really help you to get calm and to de stress a little bit. At one point I got so calm that my eyes were getting heavy and I could almost take a nap. She said so many inspiring things I wish I could write down, but I got so calm that I didn’t even feel like grabbing a pen and some paper while listening to what she had to say. So once the ‘session’ is done, you can choose to create an account or not and of course I did. All you had to do was just fill in your name, email and password. Once you’ve registered, you get to this page:


Before getting to that page it tells you to set a daily reminder for yourself. As you can see I chose 7 am. Basically what this page allows you to do is to download more different scenes, check your profile, pick different sessions and choose a different time setting:







I’m very fond of this app and I know I’ll get so much use out of this. Especially with finals and exams coming up. It’s such a good stress reliever and it’ll only take about 5 minutes or so. Don’t be afraid people’ll think you’re a geek or any crazy thing like that. Allow yourself to de stress and heal and grow like a teenie tiny flower. And if people do think you’re crazy; tell them you’re gonna eat tofu while meditating in your biological paper bag costume with your bestie Anouk, cause you rock and there’s nothing wrong with that (and their faces will be priceless).

Stay beautiful, Anouk.


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