Favorite things on Netflix.

Favorite things on Netflix.

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I know I’m kind of late on the trend, but the other day I finally got Netflix and it’s my new favorite thing. There’s so many movies and tv shows I can watch, that sometimes I get frustrated and just decide to not watch anything at all. But when I do decide to watch a movie/tv show; then this is what I love to watch.

1. New Girl.
The resemblance between me and Jess can be a little terrifying sometimes, but this show is my absolute new favorite. And please don’t tell me I’m the only one who already shipped Nick and Jess after like 3 episodes.

2. Documentaries.
I’m probably the lamest person to ever use Netflix cause all I do is watch documentaries about the human life and nature. It just really gets to me and it changes my outlook on life in such a positive way. And we can’t all deny that documentaries about nature are the prettiest thing ever. The colors, just everything.

3. Disney movies.
I think that everyone who grew up with the Classic Disney movies can relate to this one. Now, Netflix doesn’t have a lot of the classic ones, which is such a bummer, but they do have my absolute favorite one; Pocahontas. Disney movies are all such inspiring life lessons, which never really got to me when I was little, because all I cared about was singing along to Hakuna Matata or Round The River Bend. I especially love the message Disney tried to spread with Pocahontas; show courage for the ones you love, let the wind take you wherever it wants to take you.

4. Horror movies.
Can we talk about the fact that both Insidious and Sinister are on Netflix? I know horror movies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I luhhhhh it. Whenever I’m watching a horror movie with someone or a whole group of friends, I’m probably the one laughing, trying to make jokes to make me and everyone else feel a little bit better and scary things just make me giggle? I’m a mess, I know.

I’m kind of bumped that neither Harry Potter or High School Musical are on Netflix, but I’ll forgive them in the hope they’ll work on that.

Don’t forget to make your homework and to take some time for yourself my loves. Netflix can be a bit addicting, but school and your own being are much more important. Just look at Netflix as a way to reward yourself after a long day of school, work and whatever you had to do before you allowed yourself to go on Netflix with a peaceful state of mind. I mean, it’s not really fun to watch Frozen while thinking about the geography homework you still need to finish. This goes for all social media. Be kind to yourself.

Stay beautiful, Anouk.


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