My after school/evening routine.

My after school/evening routine.

My country kind of variates between the times you get out of school. Sometimes it’s 1 pm, sometimes it’s 4 pm. Today I got out of school at 1, which means I have the whole afternoon for myself and I absolutely adore it. Here’s what I usually do:

Whenever I get home I start by taking off my shoes, because shoes are actual torture to me and I just hate everything that has something to do with feet. After taking my shoes off, I walk straight towards the fridge and find myself some food to eat. My favorite lunch right now is whole wheat bread with hummus. Today I just used some butter.


After lunch I do whatever chores I need to do like unpacking the dish washer and I take random pictures of things (one of my 739919282 random hobbies). Today my dog was the victim. After hanging around in the kitchen for a while and catching up with my mom, I go to my room. I’m a champion at making a complete mess of my room in the morning before leaving for school, so I always try to tidy it up before doing anything else. After everything’s clean and pretty, I change into some comfy clothes and make my homework. After everything I needed to do that day is done, I can FINALLY snuggle up and watch Netflix.







After watching about 5 episodes of New Girl, it’s dinner time. I’m a vegetarian, so whatever I eat is obviously non meat. I love things like spinach and noodles.


After dinner you’ll mostly find me taking a bath, since all I ever do is taking baths until my hands get all wrinkly. I like to bring a dessert so I have something to snack on. Usually it’s something like fruit or Greek yogurt. I take my make up off before hopping into the bath and I brush my teeth afterwards.





After taking a bath, I change into my pj’s and I always try to avoid my laptop and just watch some tv, read a book or write. And finally, after I totally lost track of time and it’s way too late, I set my alarm and go to sleep.

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Make sure you always know where your priorities lie. I know school sucks and you’d rather not spend any more time on schoolwork when you get home, but just know that high school only takes up 4/5 years of your entire life and when you try the hardest you can, you’ll get that job you’ve been dreaming about during high school. Your hobbies will always be there and if you want to make your hobby your job, you need a degree (most of the time). Homework only takes up so little time of your afternoon and once you’re finished, you’ll feel so much more peace in your mind and in your heart. I know it sucks, but push yourself through it and you’ll become a happier, less stressed person. Good luck.

Stay beautiful, Anouk.


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