Photography is a huge passion of mine. I love capturing beauty. I barely have any apps on my phone, just so I have enough space in my camera roll at all times. I love going on adventures around my house, taking pictures of random objects. I love taking pictures of lights and shadows. I love taking pictures of love, because, yes, I believe in love. We put such a big label on love, when it’s all about happiness, lust and success. Happiness is found in every place. People smiling, kissing, holding hands, dreaming, being passionate. I love taking spontaneous pictures. There’s nothing more beautiful than capturing a genuine smile, hug, action of kindness. I love taking pictures of color. I love taking pictures of nature. I love taking pictures of whatever food I’m eating. You’ll find me standing on chairs/random objects a lot, just to get the perfect shot. I simply just love to take pictures of my own happiness. Photography is my true luv and I want to share some of the pictures I took over the past months with you. Enjoy. (These pictures do have filters on them, so I’m sorry if you get offended by that).


Stay beautiful, Anouk.


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