My gemstone: Lapis Lazuli.

My gemstone: Lapis Lazuli.


‘This gemstone promotes spiritual strength, spiritual skill, astral traveling, light, wisdom and brings you inner rest and peace. The stone makes one honest, sincere and helps finding and accepting inner truth. It has a positive effect on friendships and love. Physically, it heals a sore throat, thyroid and vocal cords.

Astrology sign: Virgo and Sagittarius.’

To me, keeping my light and everything that has to do with my astrology sign are extremely important. I’m a huge believer in whatever is being said about my sign. I’m a huge believer in always showing my light and sharing it with others. So, today, when me and my friends were just strolling around the city and walked past a nature/culture shop that sold these amazing gemstones, I had to go in and take a look. The stone is honestly the prettiest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Exams are coming up for me and since I’m a naturally stressed person, I need all the positivity I can get and I know this stone is going to help me. I know it’s not going to solve every problem in my life, but it’s a little reminder to stay positive and keep my light no matter how stressed, sad or messy my mind gets.

I know not everyone believes in gemstones, astrology signs and all that ‘spiritual’ stuff and that’s totally okay. Just like I hope you find it okay that I do believe in all of that. This post is just a little reminder that it’s okay to share how passionate and dedicated you are to something and that it’s totally fine to try out whatever you think is going to keep your balance.

Stay beautiful, Anouk.


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