How to: get in a better mood. 

How to: get in a better mood. 

We all have our off days. Something went wrong, you got into a fight with your best friend or you’re just not feeling it today. Feeling upset is totally normal. It’s a normal reaction our mind makes when something we don’t want to happen, happens. However, we all need a positive reminder that it’s not the end of the world, so therefore I’m bringing you some tips on how to feel less upset with yourself and others. 
1. Don’t blame yourself for everything. As humans, we tend to automatically say sorry for everything we think we did wrong. If it doesn’t matter in an hour or a week from now, don’t even worry about it. Mistakes are a good thing so look at it as a good thing. Without mistakes, we wouldn’t have learned as much as we did. Breathe, listen and you’ll do amazing the next time. 
2. Make time for you. I can’t stress this enough, because I find this so important. We’re all oiled machines who go from school to work to sports to bed every single day without a breather and a little reminder that it’s okay to have fun or to not make your homework once in a while. I know school is important, I do, but you need sleep and you need rest. Once you forget about all that, you’ll find yourself becoming the person you said you’d never become. Work hard, but never forget about your heart, soul and mind who need a little break too sometimes. 
3. Make little reminders to keep yourself positive, focused and most of all, beautiful. Beauty is not just the way a person looks. There’s so much on the inside that shines through as pure beauty. Intelligence, peace, light, love. Set an alarm every once in a while that tells you to smile, relax or take a break from studying. Enjoy nature. Nature is one of the most peaceful things out there so go for a walk! Leave your phone at home, just you and your mind. Plan everything in a way that you have enough time for fun. Maybe it’s drawing or dancing? Whatever it is, do it. You’re a teenager who’s in the middle of figuring herself/himself out and you have the right to discover yourself in any way you want. Don’t blame yourself for growing up but also don’t blame yourself for being a little kid sometimes. Find your balance. 
Stay beautiful, Anouk 

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