Spring, my darling.

Spring, my darling.

My mood changes with the weather, which means I’ve been pretty happy the past few days, because the sun has been the prettiest, fullest and brightest. The flowers are showing again which can be very uplifting in the morning when you really don’t want to go to school and face all the close minded people making a competition out of everything. Clothes are getting more colorful, faces are getting brighter and people are getting happier. 

I feel like a bit of sun is something we all need after months of grey skies and cold weather. It can motivate us and bring us hope and laughter. But, when you can’t see the sun, you can find the sun. Find YOUR sun. Your spark of light. Find that someone/object/hobby that lights up your mood in an instant. We can’t expect the actual sun to be around us at all times, but that’s okay once you find another sun in your life to hold on to. 

Flowers are one of the prettiest things you can ever come across in your life and that’s why I only admire them without taking them from the ground, their air. We always tend to pick the prettiest flowers and throw them away a few minutes later and I wonder, isn’t that a bit sad? It’s kind of like seeing the good people in your life leaving you first. We’re all flowers. We need air, water and sun to grow into the beautiful creatures we become. 

We are the things that make us happy.

Stay beautiful, Anouk.


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