How to: survive high school.

How to: survive high school.

High school and I have a love/hate relationship I guess. It’s that one place no one wants to go to at 8 in the morning. We’d rather sleep in after staying up till 4 in the morning because of love, our thoughts and schoolwork. It’s the place where most mental health issues are created. It’s the place where we have to spend 8 hours a day learning absolutely nothing about our actual lives. Yet, it’s our ticket to the world, to friends for life and as funny as it sounds; laughter. High school only takes up about 4 years of your life and after that, it’s your task to fill in the rest of the pages. We all need to create our own path out of there, but here are some things to remind yourself while sitting in a classroom full of close minded people, learning about the way the wind blows (irony):

1. Popularity is not a thing.

Popularity is a huge thing to all of us without even realising it is. I guess we all somehow want to fit in with the people we think of as ‘popular’, but does that really make us happy? 99% is probably thinking ‘no’ right now. I don’t believe in popularity the way most people believe in it, because as long as you have amazing friends who love and care about you I think you’re already pretty popular. People aren’t lists or names and that’s what we sometimes forget. We all just want to find friends to eat Nutella straight out of the jar with or to dance with until it’s 6 in the morning. It’s all about spontanity and being you. Don’t seek for respect from people you deep down don’t want to hang out with. You’re already awesome to the people who truly care. Don’t be to hard on yourself. You’ll fit in with the right people for YOU.

2. Pay attention, but have fun and rest.

We’re the generation who can’t go without studying to actually graduate high school. We have to revise for subjects we don’t care about, because it won’t help us further in life, but we have to. If you’re like me and you can’t concentrate/get things done after school, just pay attention and finish everything in class. We already get thrown so much at our heads that it’s totally okay to rest and have fun after school. School will always expect too much from you, but once you find your balance and get things done, you’ll actually have time for you and I guess that’s what we all need. time for ourselves.

3. Ask for help.

Asking for help can be really hard, stressful and unpleasant for someone who likes to be alone and independent, but if you struggle in school, please ask for help. It’s okay to let people help you. No matter if it’s about grades or personal issues. There will always be someone who cares even when you think no one will ever care. It’s okay to let a little bit of your independence go. We all want to graduate and sometimes we just need a little push to pull ourselves through it. You can’t do everything by yourself and that’s okay. Not being able to understand something is okay. Failing is okay. Asking for help is OKAY.

You can do it. Only 4 years.

Stay beautiful, Anouk.


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