Mental health awareness.

Mental health awareness.

Before starting this post I want you to know that I’m in no way, shape or form an expert when it comes to this subject. I’m just putting what’s on my mind out there for you to read.

As teens who grew up in the world of social media and the biggest pressure school has ever put on us, we’re so pressured to have it all together which makes us to feel so small, upset and exhausted. I think we’re all in some way dealing with a lot of sadness in our minds and in our hearts and that’s totally fine. We can’t be expected to be tremendously happy every single day over the course of our lives and we often forget that. However, depression, borderline or any other mental health disorder isn’t something that we can just label upon ourselves like it’s nothing. We often use the phrase ‘I’m depressed’ without even knowing the actual definition and once you think about that, you’ll realize it’s not okay. As teenagers, we feel like we have to keep all our feelings hidden in our minds which leaves us to barely know anything about what another person is actually feeling inside. Mental health disorders shouldn’t be used as a joke towards others and there needs to be awareness about that.

Personally, I grew up with someone really special and close to me dealing with mental health issues which got me to grow up doing a lot of things by myself. I love being alone, because it’s just how I grew up. This caused me to at some point feel really alone. The kind of alone I didn’t want to be. I slowly fell into this dark hole and I was immensely unhappy. I’ve always been really aware of mental health issues, but once I found my way out of that hole, I became even more aware of the amount of people who weren’t. More and more people around me are getting affected by it every single day and it’s time we spread awareness about the seriousness of this subject. Mental health is and always will be a huge problem for this generation and I don’t want the next generation to feel as unhappy as I was myself. It’s something you don’t want anyone to go through. Stop the jokes. It’s NOT funny.

You can’t help anyone with these issues, but you can show them you care. Please show them you care and think about the words that are coming out of your mouth the next time you got a bad grade or a bad hair day.

Stay beautiful, Anouk.


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