Places I want to visit.

Places I want to visit.


I’ve never been the homesick type. My parents raised me always letting me sleepover at other people’s houses so I could get used to not being at home a lot very well. They didn’t abandon me or anything, don’t worry. They just wanted me to experience life that way and I think that’s a good thing and I appreciate them for that. Because of that lack of homesickness, I very easily developed my love for traveling at a very young age. My friend once told me ‘you’re one of those kids who was born in the wrong country’. Ever since she told me that, I’ve been thinking. A lot.

I don’t want to be stuck in one place. I want to see as much of the world as I can. I want my children to see as much of the world as I do. I want them to learn about stuff that’s actually helpful for their future and I want them to look at things differently. I don’t want them to think that learning the translation of ‘toothbrush’ in German is the most important thing.

I’ve always told myself I wanted to grow old in New York. New York is that one city that I fell in love with the minute I knew what it was. I want to roam around the busy streets with my coffee in one hand and my New York Times in the other. I want to order as much take out pizza as I possibly can in one week. I want to bump into my Mr. Big (I love you if you know where that’s from) while reading an old fashioned newspaper. There’s a lot I want to experience in New York and I know for sure that I will be immensely happy there for a very long time.

Paris, the city that’s so close but so far away. It doesn’t take much for me to just hop on a train and visit the Eiffel Tower if I want to, yet I’ve never been there. I’d love to spend some years in Paris on my own, probably after college. I’m a daydreamer. I always picture myself in Paris, fluently speaking French and just admiring the old, precious buildings every single day. Someday.

Indonesia is a place that I never really admired until I had to learn about their culture and their way of living in geography class. Everything about that country I just find inspiring and so beautiful. Indonesia and Holland are two completely different worlds and that’s what I love about it. Sometimes you just need to break away from the world you trust so much and kind of discover a new one and that’s what I hope Indonesia will bring me in the future.

Don’t be afraid to break away from the path others have already chosen for you. There are so many different paths you can choose to walk on. Follow your heart.

Stay beautiful, Anouk.


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