Happy Easter my darlings. 

Happy Easter my darlings. 

    Summer ’87. 

No matter how you’re spending today, I just hope it’s filled with love and good food. Easter is probably one of my favorite ‘holidays’ because of the food (what else would you expect me to say) and because Easter also means my parents’ anniversary. This year is extra special, because they’ve been keeping up with each other for 25 years already. In these 25 years they’ve brought me and my two incredible sisters to the world and raised us into the most awesome, beautiful, funny, lovely and intelligent women we are today (this is total sarcasm or maybe not, I don’t know, you decide). I honestly have no idea if I can pull that off since I can’t even take care of myself, but I know that no matter what, I’ll do anything to raise my kids the same way my parents did. Being married to the same person for 25 years seems like a lot to take in and I always wonder if my parents never get bored or exhausted from each other. Whenever I ask them about it, my mom always says ‘we can’t live with and without each other’. I guess that is what love is all about at the end. It’s about getting so frustrated at each other that you end up in separate rooms in the house, finding yourself apologizing with kisses 5 minutes later. It’s about driving each other mad during road trips when you’re lost, but ending the day in each other’s arms, watching the waves go back and forth at your final destination. It’s all about that. I guess we’re all just trying to find that kind of love and we’ll face a lot of bumps along the way, but once we get there, we’ll get to celebrate our love the same way my parents can. 25 years. If they can, we can. 

Stay beautiful and happy Easter once again, Anouk. 


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