Am I too?

Am I too?


You’re never too much of a thing, but we have grown into thinking we have to think like that every time we pass a mirror. This mirror can be an actual mirror, a person, a situation, every little thing. But you’re never too much, because the way you think about yourself, isn’t the way others see you. Your definition of you is not THE definition of you. Teenagers shouldn’t ask themselves or others if they’re ‘too fat’ or ‘too ugly’. You’re never any of those things. You’re not a word, you’re a person. This took me a while and some good conversations with special people to understand. You can’t let others walk over you and trap yourself into thinking you’re a (hurtful) word. You’re so much more than a word. Oh darling, you’re so much more. You’re everything and beyond. You shouldn’t allow others to talk about you like one, simple, negative word. I honestly have no idea how I can convince you and help you to realize that the way I did, but just find that one mirror that helps you understand you’re not. Find someone that helps you realize and be that someone for another incredible soul out there. Help yourself and take a step forward to help others. Help them realize they’re never too much and they’re not a word.

I just want to tell you that I might not be posting a new blogpost every single week for the next month or two, because of school. Writing and helping you with my writing is everything to me, but I don’t want to share anything with you my heart is not fully in. I don’t want you guys to be reading posts that I wrote with my mind being in a completely different place. After finals and graduation I promise you guys I’ll be back at posting three times a week with my heart fully in it. I hope you appreciate that. You can always reach out to me on Twitter and Instagram which are both under the username: anouksuzanne.

Stay beautiful and remember, you’re never too much, Anouk.


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