Body positivity

Body positivity

I know I wrote something similar to this a few months ago, but it’s such an important subject to me, so I decided to write about it again, I hope that’s okay with you.

I can’t say this enough, but body positivity is so important, not for others, but for you. I’ve been saying this for the longest time without being happy with my body at all, but it wasn’t until recently that I actually came to the realisation that I’m in love with my body and every single flaw I’m carrying with me everyday. You’re so much more than social media percieves you to be. You don’t have to listen to anything / anyone but your own heartbeat; it beats everyday for you to live and to love. You don’t have to look at other bodies but your own in the mirror; it carries and protects you everywhere you go. Having said that, I know it won’t happen overnight and that it takes time for someone to admit that their body is a dream and that is okay. What is important is that you eventually will. Give yourself the time and give others the space to fall in love with their body. It’s so important to let yourself and others know that confessing to loving your body is nowhere near being ‘cocky’ or ‘arrogant’ and if someone ever makes you feel that way, don’t give them the energy they obviously don’t deserve. However, jealousy is human and okay. Giving others compliments and admitting to someone being beautiful is okay. Just give yourself the time, love and power to say that you are too. Love yourself to the point where you can open a magazine / website without feeling pain inside your chest and jealousy in your veins. Love yourself to the point where you can look in the mirror without water filling your eyes. It takes time, but I promise, it’s a process worth stepping into.

”I’m tall, I got lovehandles, stretchmarks, cellulitis and big boobies, but I’m in love with all of it”

I tweeted this the other day and one of my dearest friends asked me ‘how?’. I don’t believe in ‘tips and tricks’ to become body positive because it’s so personal and an individual journey that I or anyone else can’t help you with, but we can lift each other up and compliment each other instead of tearing each other down all the time. Hating might be easier, but loving is so much better. YOU ARE SO MUCH BETTER.

Stay beautiful, Anouk.


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