I’m a feminist at heart. I believe in equality more than anything else. There’s so many aspects about this topic, but today I want to talk about one in particular; sexism. This has been bothering me for a long time now and I felt the need to share this with you.

We all know men and women have never been equal in society in all aspects of life; work, marriage etc. but what’s really been bothering me lately is the impression most men seem to have about women wearing the clothes and make up they do. See, these men actually think that we dress up for THEM. They think that we spend $20 on a concealer for THEM. Well, that’s far from the truth.

As (young) women, we love make up and pretty clothes for a reason; because it makes us feel hella cute. We don’t need a man to tell us that, because we know. Women are not just objects you can accept or decline. If you can’t accept me because I wear too much / too less make up or clothes, then fine, I wasn’t asking for your permission anyway. I don’t want to walk around town feeling like I need to get accepted by every men that I come across. I want to walk around in my new dress, wearing lipgloss because I’m glitter as fuck and I feel confident in it. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe that’s why women wear what they do? Because it makes them feel confident? Probably not. If men could only step away from their pride and appreciate women being as independent and confident as they are without a cute boy by their side, everything would be so much better. We don’t need your approval. We don’t need your acceptance. All we need is your respect and for you to accept that we do the things we do for us and no one else.

Stay beautiful, Anouk.


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