30 things to be happy about.

30 things to be happy about.

There’s something in the air that I can’t explain, but I wish I could. Everyone around me seems so uptight. I know for a fact that I am and I have no idea why. Maybe it’s just a phase we all have to go through or maybe it’s all in my head. Anyway, we all deserve to fill our minds with happy thoughts over unhappy thoughts. I decided to write down all the things that make me happy and I hope it’ll leave you with a smile and a happy heart too.

1. Lovely weather.
2. Freshly washed sheets.
3. Netflix, because when does Dylan O’Brien not make you happy?
4. Brand new books.
5. Pugs.
6. Friends and family.
7. A nice hair day.
8. Finally being able to buy something you’ve been saving up for for months.
9. The smell of rain.
10. Full moon.
11. Pizza.
12. Seeing your favorite artist in concert.
13. Music.
14. Dylan O’Brien.
15. Successfully finishing something after almost giving up.
16. When your mom brings you chocolate.
17. Harry Potter marathons.
18. Dylan O’Brien.
19. Sleeping in.
20. Cloudy, binge days.
21. Watermelon.
22. Photography.
23. Love.
24. Dylan O’Brien.
25. Leather jackets.
26. Things that require no pants.
27. Bright stars.
28. Baby animals.
29. The fact that you’re pretty cute.
30. Bubble baths.

Whenever you feel upset, just write / draw / think happy thoughts. Express your gratitude for the things around you in whatever you love doing. Even if it’s just one thing. Hold on to it really tight and don’t let go. Don’t let go of something that warms your heart in ways other things never could. Happiness is so important so always put your priority on exactly that. You got this.

Stay beautiful, Anouk.


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