Giving compliments.

Giving compliments.


I read something about this a few days ago and it inspired me to write a little something.

When it comes to compliments we usually focus ourselves on someone’s physical appearance. We easily speak the words ‘your hair looks so nice!’ Or ‘that skirt looks good on you!’ without realizing those compliments are so impersonal and can make someone uncomfortable. But it’s easy to compliment someone on that, because all we ever focus on as humans is someone’s appearance rather than their personality. It’s what we do, it’s what we’ve been taught to do. But isn’t giving a compliment about someone as a person a lot nicer? A lot more personal? A lot less uncomfortable? There are so many ways you can show your appreciation towards someone as a person without referring to their looks. For example:

1. You’re so open minded, I like that.
2. Your words could change the world.
3. I love how positive you are.
4. I admire how strong you are.
5. You have great taste in ____
6. You make me happy.
7. Your ideas about ____ are good.
8. You’re caring.
9. You’re genuinely nice to me, thank you for that.
10. I love how much time you devote to your family / friends / pets.
11. You’ll be a great parent.
12. Someone will be so in love with you someday.
13. I can trust you with my life.
14. You could move mountains.
15. You’re so empowering.
16. You make me want to become a better person.
17. You mean so much to me.
18. You matter.
19. You should become the president of America.
20. Your intelligence is so sexy.
21. I love how passionate you are about ____.
22. I value you as a friend.
23. I never thought _____ would be cool until I met you.
24. You’re so good at _____.
25. I hope we’ll stay friends for a really long time.
26. Your mindset is so beautiful.

Just try to put personal compliments over compliments about the way someone looks. It doesn’t define them. The way you are, what you’re passionate about, that’s what defines you and that’s what should be appreciated more. Of course, getting a compliment on that winged eyeliner you’ve been working on for hours is flattering and makes you feel good, but it doesn’t make you you.

Just a little something to think about on this gloomy Sunday. You’re a great person and I appreciate you for reading my blog. Stay beautiful, Anouk.


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