Important reminders.

Important reminders.


Speaking up and voicing your own opinion about something is very important. You aren’t , in any way / shape / form, your negative thoughts. Hydrate yourself. Being a feminist means standing up for equality between all races and genders, it doesn’t mean standing up for your own benefits. Rape isn’t and never will be okay and the victim shouldn’t ever get the blame.  Take time to breathe. Read a book. Eat yo veggies. Show your loved ones your gratitude. Do you know how many young girls have to marry their own rapists, have to raise their own child at the age of 13 and have to marry a man twice their age? This isn’t okay. Do more of what makes YOU happy. Go buy that clothing piece you’ve been wanting to buy for weeks. Smile. That party your friends make you go to this weekend? You don’t have to go if you don’t want to. It’s okay to say no. You are not conceited for pointing out what you love about yourself. Do you know how many women, who go to the police with an issue of sexual abuse, get asked questions like ‘but how short was your skirt?’ This needs to end. Stretch marks and cellulite are human and don’t make you any less of a person and if a man ever makes you feel that way; go find someone who can’t keep his hands off you. Go spend 3 hours on your make up, but walk out the door, looking amazing, for yourself. Confidence isn’t saying you are, it’s not having to say that you are. Be kind, always. Go grab that pizza you’ve been craving all day. Don’t starve yourself. You’re so young and you shouldn’t be worrying about ending up alone. Being a virgin doesn’t define you as a person, neither does being someone who sleeps around. You don’t have to follow the path people expect you to follow. You don’t have to like what everyone else likes. High school only consumes 4/5 years of your life. I care.

Stay beautiful, Anouk.


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