Back to school.

Back to school.

I know some of my readers are about to go back to school very soon or have started school already. School can be a pain, it can make you feel worthless, it can make you upset, but it can also make you happy. Let me help you a little with that:

1. Your grades do NOT define you.
2. Try spending more time with the people who actually care about you and your well being and stop trying to please your so called ‘friends’ who make you feel unhappy. You don’t have to be with a certain group of people to feel popular / good about yourself. You just need to find the right people, your people.
3. Being kind is so much more rewarding than being a straight up asshole. Remember this whenever someone tries to upset you.
4. High school only consumes 4 to 5 years of your entire life.
5. If you like someone, let them know. I wish someone told me this when I had a crush on this cute guy in freshman year.
6. In school, it’s so hard to stay positive so make it positive. Join the prom commite or a club. When you’re shy this can be difficult. Trust me, I’ve been there. But once you step out of your comfort zone and take that step, you’ll feel so much better.
7. It’s okay to ask for help.
8. That teacher that has to pick on you all the time is not worth your time.
9. Your dreams are never too big. No matter if someone tells you they are.
10. Stop putting so much energy in creating a version of yourself that isn’t you just to fit in. I’ve seen this happening all around me and at one point, it’ll break you. Life is more than a number of friends.
11. That smile looks so good on you.
12. We all try to get through high school as fast and easy as possible, so help each other. Lift each other up.
13. Pay attention and do your best in class. You’re not a nerd, you just want to pass all your classes while the people calling you a nerd are failing all of them.
14. Your looks do NOT define you.
15. Spend as much of your free time away from social media and with friends. Don’t get too caught up in that timeline of yours. Seeing your friends is much more pleasing than seeing their tweets.
16. Heartbreak is okay. It teaches you how to nourish your heart and how to take care of it. Don’t waste any time trying to ruin that person’s life. Take care of you.
17. High school is nowhere near high school musical or other movies and tv shows involving high school. Don’t get your hopes up. You just have to make it awesome yourself.
18. Getting your first kiss does NOT define you.

Create your own believes, create amazing friendships and just try to make the worst years of your life the best years of your life. Walk into that school with nothing but positive thoughts and you’ll walk down that graduation aisle with all your friends before you can even blink. You got this, I believe in you.
Stay beautiful, Anouk.

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