Have yourself a pamper night.

Have yourself a pamper night.

Unplug. Turn your phone off and put it away. Now, just breathe.

Run a bath.


When you don’t have a bath. just take a shower! It’s just as relaxing as long as you allow yourself to take this time for you. Our natural actions always involve our phones. But, how can a bath be relaxing when we’re not even enjoying that time alone? Create the world’s biggest amount of bubbles and close your eyes. Much better, right?

Give your skin some love.


We might not realize it very often, but our skin works very hard to protect us at all times, so give it some love every now and then. Scrub them legs, treat your face with a chocolate mask and maybe even add some cucumber on your eyes if you feel like it.

Make some tea.



Tea has this way of calming you, unlike coffee and hot chocolate which tend to make us feel energized. A tea I’ve been LOVING (that’s an understatement) is green tea with jasmine. Green tea has benefits like helping your metobalism go faster and it actually makes you smarter?

Watch a movie / read a book / listen to some music.




Now, for these options you might be needing a laptop, but if you can; use a tv. Nothing is better than cuddling up on your bed or couch to watch your favorite childhood movie while your laptop and phone aren’t even in sight.

Remind yourself of the things you love doing.



For some people this may be drawing, for others it’s goofing around with make up. Hold on to it. Social media tends to make us care about things our heart is not in and we need to prevend that. Don’t think whatever you’re passionate about is lame. You don’t have to go along with the crowd. Carve your own path.

So remember; unplug and BREATHE.

Stay beautiful, Anouk.


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