Train talk #1

Train talk #1

So, I decided to start a new ‘series’ on my blog called ‘train talk’. The reason behind this is because I now have to commute by train everyday and for some reason I always find myself most inspired while traveling, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Today’s first train talk is about my new living situation and my first day of college. I hope you enjoy and please let me know if you like this idea or not. I respect honesty and I love to take your ideas into consideration.


“Life literally changed overnight. I went from living with my mom and dad, being on summer break to living with my aunt, uncle, two cousins and their cat, being a freshman in college, overnight. In my country colleges don’t come with a campus, so you basically have to sort out your own living situation, which makes going to college even more terrifying and stressful than it already is. If the college I’m attending would be anywhere near my parents’ house, I’d still be living at home with them, but since it’s not, my aunt and uncle were kind enough to say I could stay with them. Living with them makes college a little less of a living hell, since I now live 20 minutes away from my college’s city, which is every college student’s dream. Anyhow, moving to a different city, into a different house, living with different people and immediately having to start college the day after, is very stressful. Like, VERY stressful. First of all, having to find the train station in a completely strange city, on a bike I decided to spontaneously spray paint yellow (it looks like a horrific mess), probably made me look like a complete fool. Then, when I finally arrived in my college’s city after sitting in a crowded train filled with the air of sweat and tears for 20 minutes (it felt like 8 hours), my next job was to find my college and make it to class on time. Let’s just say that was a challenge this morning. Soon after I arrived in class, I realized I forgot my water bottle. And my food. And my will to live.”

A lot of this piece involves sarcasm and I’m asking you to please not take this too seriously. Even though all of this did actually happen, college is a dream and I couldn’t be happier to finally be doing what I love.

Stay beautiful, Anouk.


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