Train talk #2

Train talk #2


I never thought commuting by train every single day would be so exhausting. Growing up I’ve always been blessed with the fact that I lived so close to school and I would only ever commute by train to go to Amsterdam to meet my friends or see my favorite artists in concert. Now that I have to sit in a train every single day, the buildings outside are slowly becoming the sad kind of grey and the details I used to point out aren’t that special anymore. Luckily, it’s slowly starting to become fall. The trees are slowly losing their green color and I think that’ll never bore me; seeing all the green outside turn into a warm red color. The chilly weather finally gives me an excuse to wear my collection of sweaters and scarfs again. I may or may not still be wearing the same sweater I slept in last night. I’m an animal, I know. Also, trains tend to make me even more impulsive than I already am. Like, why did I just spend 2 euros on a water bottle because I thought it looked pretty? Oh well. The 8 am trains are a legit pain. It’s not everyday that you’re pushed against a wall in the most uncomfortable position ever for a good 20 minutes, because the train is just too crowded to properly move or breathe. I, obviously, learned that the hard way. My arm still hurts thinking about it. However, I’m pretty sure it could be worse so I’m not complaining.

Stay beautiful, Anouk.


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