Train talk #3

Train talk #3

I never thought I would wake up in the morning, actually wanting to go to school. For years and years I would drag myself to school to follow classes I didn’t care about and to be around such close minded people every single day. Now, I’m surrounded by such talented, lovely, open minded people and I never thought I would actually LOVE school, but I think I do. I think no one likes to admit that. When is it ever cool to love school? Not that I have a reputation to keep high, because let’s be honest here; I’m not really good at the whole human interaction thing. But I’m learning, I’m learning.


With my growing love for college also comes a growing love for the city I go to college. I don’t mind traveling back and forth by train everyday, but I can’t help but imagine a place of my own whenever I roam around the city streets. Hopefully soon.

What I’m trying to say here is that you just need to pull yourself through high school and then I promise it’ll get so much better. Just hold on a little longer and you’ll find yourself waking up at 6 am with a happy heart. You got this.

Stay beautiful, Anouk.


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