Healthy habits


This week has been exhausting to say the least. My days were packed with work and school and today is my only day off until I start the same routine tomorrow. Now, I can’t complain, because I work at a job with the most fun colleagues and school only takes up two days of the week. But to create a more peaceful and chill environment for myself I created some healthy habits to make everything a bit easier.

Starting of with my nights. I’m a night owl and I always have been ever since I was little. I would hide somewhere in the living room at night hoping my parents wouldn’t notice I was still there, so that I could stay up longer. I dreaded going to bed, but my parents, who weren’t stupid, would always know I was still there so up to my room I went. When I got old enough to go to bed by myself I wouldn’t go to sleep until I finished reading an entire book. All of this created an unhealthy habit that wouldn’t let me fall asleep before 11. For someone who has to wake up at 7 almost every morning, that doesn’t work anymore. I’ve noticed my body craving more sleep long ago, but I completely ignored it. You know why? Because I was afraid to miss out on things. TV shows, movies, texts, food. But that text will still be there to answer in the morning and there’s this thing called the internet where I can rewatch everything and anything I want. Once that got through to me, I noticed going to bed early got a lot easier. On week days I try to be in bed by 9.30 pm. I’ll usually read a little and then it’s time to go to sleep.For the past few days I’ve found myself waking up before my alarm, feeling awake and refreshed.

Which brings me to my mornings. I still wouldn’t call myself a morning person, but I’m trying to become one. I usually wake up an hour before I have to leave for work or school, because I like taking my time in the morning. I definitely put my priorities on my looks before. Make up, hair and a breakfast that was far from nutritious. So, I decided to switch that around and spend more time on my breakfast. Because why apply highlighter when you can create a natural glow, am I right ladies? A smoothie, a big fruit bowl or some oatmeal with banana slices is usually what I go for. This is definitely a huge factor in me waking up more easily, because I get way too excited to eat. Putting something nutritious in your body will help you get through your morning with a lot more energy and, possibly, a smile on your face. When it comes to my looks, I decided to let my skin breathe a little more. There’s something so freeing about wearing no make up and I quite enjoyed going through life without it. Lastly, I also like to make my bed every morning, just to get everything more organized in my head. I find there’s nothing more stressful than coming home from a long day at work to find your bed being a chaotic mess.

Now, for the rest of my day. I try to get some excercise in every day. On week days this isn’t hard, since I’m always walking around, lifting boxes, cycling to work etc. But on my days off, like today, I like to go for a walk. I put my headphones in and just walk around aimlessly until I find my way back home. I enjoy walking by myself. It gives me some time to think everything through without anyone disturbing me. I bring a filled water bottle with me everywhere I go. This doesn’t mean I drink a lot of water or anything. I just bring it with me, because I like to create the illusion I’m being healthy af. No, but seriously, I’m working on that.

Happiness is in our own hands. If we depend on someone or something else to create it for us, it’s never going to happen. So create your own, baby. Create an environment that’s comfortable for you and you’ll find yourself feeling freed. Every step you take in life you take for you.

Do you.

All my love,


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