Liking someone


So, unless you haven’t been outside for the past two weeks, you would’ve probably noticed it’s almost Valentine’s Day. For me it’s more of a ‘stuff your face with Ben & Jerry’s’ day. That’s not even because this day gets me sad, because it doesn’t. It’s simply because I can eat my entire bodyweight in Chocolate Fudge Brownie without anyone judging me. Luckily, my family ended up winning 24 cans of the only men in my life; Ben and Jerry(‘s). Just in time for the 14th.

Now, I’m not here to talk about my obsessive ice cream binging. I’m here to talk about liking someone. Yes, the scary L-word. I think we can all agree that liking someone in this day and age sucks. Especially for hopeless romantics like me, the whole idea of a text being the most romantic thing you can get, is stupid. The smile appearing on my face when that someone finally texts back after 34 hours is stupid. The whole idea of social media being the key to it all nowadays is stupid.

I’m all here for Noah asking Allie out in The Notebook. How he stayed so persistent, because he knew exactly what he wanted. And to be honest, I’ve never really been quiet about liking someone. I develop crushes very easily. When someone’s personality’s nice, I’ll immediately know I can genuinely like that person and in most cases I’ll tell them. Because waiting around for a sign is something I’m too impatient for. And as the hopeless romantic I am, I sometimes even get creative with it too. Sadly, none of this ever worked out, but it did give me a chance to move on with my life. Feelings can’t be forced, so it’s cool if the other person doesn’t feel that way, but being scared of the outcome is only going to hold you back from finding the one.

Every time my mom tells me about how she and my dad met, I wish I could live in a time where social media wasn’t there to pull all the romance out of liking someone. I don’t want you to slide in my DMs. No, bring me flowers instead. Don’t tex me, call me (lol no, skip that. I hate calling). I actually want to know how you’re doing when I ask you how you’re doing. We all say we crave love, but are we actually genuinely trying to get it?

Love is fun. Liking someone is fun. But we all claim to hate it, because the internet says we have to, right? Whenever I’m talking to someone and it doesn’t end up going the way I want to, I immediately claim to ‘hate boys’. Because we’re generated to feel that way because of YouTube videos or Tumblr posts or TV shows. We see billions of pictures and videos of couples showing of their love to the world and it makes people feel miserable. Because as soon as we can’t get something as perfect as that, we throw the towel (is that a saying or did I just make something up?) and give up. My mom always says my standards are too high and I can’t blame her, because yeah, they probably are. We’re too consumed achieving the things we see online, rather than creating our own. So, I challenge you to create your own. Spend less time looking at your phone and spend more time looking at the world. Who knows, you might end up finding what you’ve been looking for.

With all of this being said, there’s one thing you have to put first and that’s you. Love and commitment comes with self love. Don’t go seeking love in others, because it’s not gonna work. So, if you don’t have a valentine this year, it’s cool. Go spend the day loving yourself. Get some of your favorite food, watch your favorite movie; do something that makes you happy. It’s just a normal Wednesday where people like to show each other a little more love and that’s nothing to be sad about.

Happy Valentine’s Day! X

All my love,


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