That pretty little thing called music

That pretty little thing called music


Music is and always has been absolutely everything to me. One of my earliest memories when it comes to music is of my mom cleaning the house while blasting some of her favorite songs. And I would just sit there and enjoy the music with her. Then there was my dad watching a live DVD of Rammstein and let’s just say that was a traumatizing experience for six year old me. But of course that didn’t keep me from listening to music.

I remember getting my first computer in my room. I was about ten years old and I did nothing else but listen to Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls every single day. I also listened to Chris Brown a lot, but since he’s a piece of human trash we’re gonna move on and pretend that didn’t happen. I would lock myself up in my room and make up choreographies to Shut Up And Drive by Rihanna and Bumpy Ride by Mohombi.

Once I got older and decided a dance career would never happen for me, music became a more meaningful thing to me. I realized that sometimes it could be the only thing that would get me through my day. I started going to concerts more and the artists behind my favorite songs became important to me. I would read articles and watch videos about their lives, just to escape mine. Their words have and always will inspire me, motivate me and shaped me into the person I am today.

Without music I wouldn’t have met a lot of my friends. We bonded over our favorite artists through Twitter, met at concerts and soon became such close friends. Some of my best friends live on the other side of the planet. It’s crazy how music can bring people together, isn’t it?

So yeah, this month was shitty, but I discovered so many new, fun songs that pulled me through. There’s nothing a little shimmy shimmy shake on a friday night can’t fix. Also ice cream. Ice cream fixes a lot too. If you want to know how crappy my music taste is, you can check out my Spotify by clicking here.

Sad? Music. Happy? Music. Stressed? Music. Heartbroken? Music. Hotel? Trivago.

All my love,





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