Numbers are stupid and here’s why

Numbers are stupid and here’s why


Remember when you were younger and the only thing you had to worry about was your mom’s reaction to your dirty clothes? You had been rolling around the dirt all day, laughing till your tummy ached and imagining a world of your own. So you would come home; face covered in sand and your new clothes green. And your mom would look at you, nodding her head but smiling. She was just glad you had made your way home safe and sound. And the next day you would find your way to that same, muddy place again and she would nod her head but smile again.

Now? Now our worries are based on numbers. Numbers on a scale that tell you ‘maybe you shouldn’t have eaten that’, numbers of followers on your Instagram account , the grades you get for that test you didn’t go to sleep for, the price tag on that very pretty shirt you could’ve gotten cheaper, but you need to wear brands, right? Our worries are based on what we’re told to do. We’re told to go for that salad instead of the grilled cheese, because you don’t want to get fat, right? We’re told to hand in five papers and write six finals in the span of two weeks, because we’re ‘smart’ enough, right? Not getting over a hundred likes on your instagram picture? You might as well delete your account. Not being able to keep up with the numbers seems to be our biggest worry. But what if we decide to do things in our own pace? Roll around in the mud a little longer?

Sit back for a little bit, take a deep breather and ask yourself; how am I actually doing? What do you need at this very moment to feel better? Is it a walk? Maybe a good ol’ piece of chocolate or maybe a hug from your mom? Or is it something bigger? Are you realizing you might not be able to hand in that one paper, because it’s all getting a little too much? Or are you feeling unworthy in the midst of all these girls posing their best pose on Instagram? Are you loosing yourself? I’m here to tell you that whatever you’re feeling is okay. As humans we were put on this earth as individuals, created to form our own opinions and to cave our own paths. But in the midst of the world coming together through social media, we’re starting to loose our own identities. What makes us unique shouldn’t be up for comparison to someone else’s uniqueness. Yet, we’re all striving to be someone else so badly. I strive to be as good in school as my friends, when I know I’ll never be and that’s okay. Forward is forward. I’m my own person and life has a different way of working out for me, so why compare it to someone else’s?

Relatable? Here’s what I want you to do. Turn off your phone, just turn it off; it’s more simple than you think. Put it somewhere far away so that you can’t see it. Now, go outside. Remember your younger self wanting nothing more than to be outside; that part of you is still inside of you. Find it and you’ll find yourself enjoying the warmth of the spring air, you’ll notice the first leaves growing back on the trees, you’ll hear the births chirping. Now, walk. Walk aimlessly. Talk to people you meet on the way. Pet a dog (and then steal the dog). When you get home, go make yourself whatever it is you’re craving. Don’t think about it, just enjoy it. Eat till you’re satisfied and notice your body hugging you for finally listening to it. Turn on your favorite music and dance. Are you noticing how calm you’re feeling? That’s how you’re allowed to feel every single day. We all have our crappy days, but that doesn’t mean life’s crappy. Take care of YOU rather than the you you’re showing to the world.

Your existence is not about numbers. It’s about what you do to make an impact on others. It’s what you do to make this world a little brighter. And it doesn’t matter how you do it. Forward is forward. Cave your own path. Now, THAT’s cool.

All my love,



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