Don’t be a d*ck

Don’t be a d*ck


I don’t really know what kind of tropical island my country has become, but it for sure has been HOT these past couple of weeks. We’re all just out here trying to get through our days without feeling discomfort. This results in people of all shapes and sizes wearing minimal and less clothing, which is totally cool (ha, get it?). But since some people are complete dicks and can’t keep their mouths shut about an innocent being’s appearance, here’s a list of things to never point out about someone or make fun of:

  1. Cellulite
  2. Stretch marks
  3. Scars
  4. Sweat stains (we’ve all been there and it’s fine)
  5. The length of a woman’s skirt, dress or any other type of clothing
  6. Someone’s belly popping out under their shirt
  7. Wether someone has a ‘bikini body’ or not (you work whatever your momma gave you sis)
  8. Muslim women wearing long sleeved clothing
  9. Body hair (it’s literally hair why are you crying?)
  10. Someone’s red face due to heat

It’s really not that hard to just turn your head and mind your own business. We’re all out here trying to survive the heat and it takes a lot of courage for someone to step out and show the world whatever they’re insecure about. We’re all human, we’re all a little bumpy and we’re all just out here living our life’s the way we feel is best for us.

So, don’t get too caught up with whatever your appearance is going to be like this summer. You’re all toned up? You go! You’re still stuck with that winter fur? You go! Me and my five rolls applaud every single one of you. And for the people who try to come at me or anyone else; I’ll do an extra walk, walk, jiggle and pose. Just for you.

All my love,




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